Branding • Digital communication • Photography
Artistic Théâtre • Branding & Digital communication

Clients : Artistic Théâtre & Minuit Zéro Une
Art Director: Tamim Mortaza
Designer : Tamim Mortaza
Photography & Retouching : Tamim Mortaza

Models : Promotion of the year 2020-2021
Location : L'Artistic Théâtre, Paris 15e, France


The Artistic Théâtre is a Parisian theatre located in the 11th arrondissement of Paris. The Artistic was originally a café-concert, created at the beginning of the 20th century. Today it is a very large Parisian theatre with a very good reputation in the field.
As part of my experience as digital communication manager for the theatre company, I had to develop the different digital channels of the structure while keeping its identity but without becoming generic and especially by standing out from the tough competition in the field.

I mainly worked on the development of the artistic theatre school, through a role of community manager. I did some immersion shoots with future actors and created the new visual identity of the school on social networks.

In the graphic creation of the new identity, I have transcribed all this "homemade" and artisanal aspect of the school's teaching method through the paint stains that are scattered throughout the posts, stories & interviews. This represents the raw and uncompromising aspect of this art.
Then during the shootings the art direction was more intense, trying to capture the moment, the emotion, the game while reflecting the conviviality of the school. Some images have been retouched to support the breaking of the fourth wall during rehearsals and the acting through the prism of emotions.

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