Art Direction • Print • Book Design [ FEATURED IN PRESS ]
Artbook • Bottega Veneta X Tyrone Lebon

Brand : Bottega Veneta
Art Director: Tamim Mortaza
Designer : Tamim Mortaza

Creative Director : Daniel Lee
Photography : Tyrone Lebon


In this fictional project, I wanted to pay tribute to the work of photographer Tyrone Lebon by compiling his best campaigns for Bottega Veneta into a single photobook.
Which in the end will be more like an artbook as it is as much Daniel Lee's vision as mine through the presentation and the glassmorphism and distortion effects. The sophisticated look is perfected by the semi-transparent exposure of the images in a clean, minimalist design context that leaves plenty of room for the vision to impact the viewer's eye.

This artbook is a combination of strength and subtlety because it is everything that Bottega Veneta stands for. Strength, sensuality, being in the moment. Bottega Veneta is about defining a point of view, a new way of seeing subtle individuality, and then subverting that status.

[ Featured in ABDUZEEDO an Award-Winning digital publication & on Behance Editorial category of their Graphic Design gallery.]

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