Art Direction • Book Design • Digital painting
BULLE • Edition 1-2-3

Brand : BULLE
Art Director: Tamim Mortaza
Designer & Illustrator : Tamim Mortaza

Artists showcased : Takashi Murakami, Camille Walala, Jean-Michel Basquiat


BULLE is a collection of books presenting the artistic and graphic universe of the personalities on the cover. Derived from the French expression "être dans sa bulle", these different editions seek to go deep into the artistic universe of each of them in the most didactic way to translate the complex and subtle universe they propose.

Through a bold and stretched typography, a digital painting, and a bubble crossing the cover, the artistic direction of this project aims to express an internal bubble that is mastered and oriented as well as an artistic vision stretched and pushed to its paroxysm to express the most buried emotions.

Each edition of Bulle is the ID of an artist's universe, a passport to enter his or her world and not be subjected to it but adopt it.

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