Maison Prodige Mafia

Maison Prodige Mafia

Art Direction • Photography • Retouching
Maison Prodige Mafia • AD & Shooting

Client : Maison Prodige Mafia
Art Director : Tamim Mortaza
Photography : Tamim Mortaza
Retouching : Tamim Mortaza

Models : Jeune Pablo
Location : Axe Cergy Pontoise


MAISON PRODIGE MAFIA is a structure of independent artists and creators from different fields, who have come together under one idea. To realise their vision of art in their field, a radical, spontaneous and timeless vision.

My mission was to realize the artistic direction of this versatile structure by creating a distinctive shooting campaign, simple and appropriate to their common vision. Also to find the chromatic symbolism, the infinite vision that never runs out and to transcribe it visually in order to insist on the fact that the creative vision is the purest thing we have and that we must protect it (symbolism of the eye of Horus).

Because in the end, "It's all about the vision".

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