Art Direction • Photography • Retouching
OPÉRA GARNIER • Sharif's shooting

Client : Sharif
Art Director : Tamim Mortaza
Photography : Tamim Mortaza
Retouching : Tamim Mortaza

Models : Sharif & Hemza
Location : Opéra Garnier, Paris, France


Sharif is a French Rnb artist, known for his melancholic and dark side. I was the art director on this shoot, my mission was to establish an initial visual identity for his launch on streaming platforms and also to present his style to the listeners.

The aim was to transcribe as well as possible all the melancholy and the tug of war of an artist in search of identity through the atmosphere and the expressions of the face. The images are words and the emotions must cross the screen.

The context of the Opéra Garnier in Paris was a good idea in order to express all the contradiction of an artist from below who aims for the top. Showing individuality in a setting to which he aspires.
The urban in the contemporary, the dazzle of the "grillz" in the dark Parisian night.

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