Renault - Art Wall

Renault - Art Wall

Art Direction • StreetArt • Video
Renault - Art Wall

Client : Renault
Agency : Publicis Conseil
Creative Director: Gurvan Prioul
Art Directors: Tamim Mortaza & Pierre Dumont
Wall designs: Tamim Mortaza & Van Yen Meunier & Louis-Marie Dhenne
Production & post production: MASS .. & Adrien Landre
Copywriter: Emeric Balezeaux
Brand managers: Maxime Wienert, Emmanuelle Woehrel, Gregoire VERDET, Chloé FRAPPEREAU
Trafic manager: Solène Chalmey-Meysselle

Agency : Publicis Conseil
Location : 133 Avenue des Champs-Élysées, Paris


Renault - Painted Wall


The street is a field of expression for some, a playground for others. For Renault, it is both.
Renault has chosen four walls in major European capitals: London, Milan, Paris and Berlin to assert its new identity beyond borders.
#NewIdentity #NewPossibility #StreetArt

Pattern 01

Renault's new logo design, inspired by the one drawn by the father of Optical Art himself, Victor Vasarely, is the protagonist of the vision of this new mural on the walls.
This piece of art is part of an international project that involves the cities of Milan, Paris, Berlin and London.
Recently Renault’s logo has been rebranded with a new design that recalls the iconic logo made by Victor Vasarely in 1972. An easy geometrical shape with a powerful identity.
The energy of the OP Art obtained by the interweaving of geometrical lines it is now reproposed in this series of celebratory murals.

New vision

Get out, explore, look up! in Paris, Milan, Berlin and London #Renault asserts its identity and changes its lines!​
New identity. New possibilities. New era​.

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