RENAULT "The Originals"

RENAULT "The Originals"

RENAULT "The Originals"

Creative Director : Gurvan Prioul / Marcelo Vergara
Head od Art : Alessandro Padalino
Art Director : Tamim Mortaza / Thomas Roques
Copywriter : Antoine Giraud

Agency : Publicis Conseil
Location : 133 Avenue des Champs-Élysées, Paris


Miniatures Renault “The Originals”

forever kids

Renault opened its online merchandising shop, "The Originals Store Renault", presenting miniatures of the brand's most emblematic models: R5, 4L, R12 Gordini, Twingo.... A perfect opportunity for the French carmaker to rekindle the love of the brand and the passion for cars, with a series of visuals that will awaken the imagination of the children in every car lover.

Do try this at home

The three visuals of the campaign take up the codes and aesthetics of the great action films and legendary chase scenes such as the one in the film "Bullitt" with Steve McQueen (jumps, skids...). The settings are inspired by three major American cities - San Francisco for the R5 Turbo, Chicago for the R12 Gordini and New York City for the 4L - and each visual tells its own story, leaving the imagination free to run wild.
The tagline, "do try this at home" is an invitation to make these stories your own with the Renault miniatures, and is a nod to the references found on this type of stunt.
The three visuals produced by Publicis Conseil were produced in full 3D by The Scope studio, in order to allow for an ultra-realistic scale-up of the miniatures in life-size settings.

A print & digital campaign

The visuals have been used in the press since 7 April and in social media since 16 April. A tarpaulin was installed at the Atelier Renault, the brand's flagship on the Champs-Elysées, where The Originals Store Renault is located.
The visuals were animated for digital, and the miniatures are available on which is the link to all the campaign's media.

[ Featured in CBNEWS a reference newspaper on Communication ]

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